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New England AAU

FREE Offer by InnerPro Sports

ONE FREE MONTH & Discounted Subcriptions

With the InnerPro Athlete App, you will have an individualized strength and conditioning program from a world class strength coach. Each plan will be customized based on your age, training experience, and primary position; but most importantly, the training sessions will adjust based on equipment availability. Even with no equipment, you will be able to train like a pro, safely from home.

In addition, with the InnerPro App you will also have access to Mental Performance Training and personalized Nutrition Metrics. Two areas of our game, we now have time to focus on.

When the lights go back on, this is your chance to show everyone that you turned challenge into opportunity. Training with the InnerPro app is how you will do it. 

To download the App, visit Exclusive to NEAAU players, there is a free 30 day trial and monthly and annual plans that have been discounted by over 60%.

*Free one month offer ends on May 6, 2020

We understand that during these difficult times teams cannot train and practice together. We all wish to be inside the basketball facilities, but unfortunately that isn't possible at this time.

We are excited to announce that InnerPro Sports has offered the teams of NEAAU Basketball free access to its training app to help coaches and players stay connected and be physically prepared to play when that time comes. Give it a try. You have one free month!

Todd Skovron
Lt. Governor, NEAAU

My name is Eric Errante and I am one of the founders of InnerPro Sports. We know that during this difficult time, you are all looking for a way to help your athletes stay fit  and stay connected. InnerPro can help with both. 

InnerPro's technology consists of two apps. The Athlete App and the Coach App. During this global pandemic, these two apps mean athletes can continue to train at a high level safely from home (without risking their personal health), while still remaining connected to their coaches. This is elite training technology is being used by top club programs and universities across the country.

Eric Errante
Founder, InnerPro Sports

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